> Q- Who is M. A. Creation?

> A- We are a company that design our private collection of women handmade bags by local artisans.  We are dedicated to elevate the standard of living in our community and to empower women by providing them jobs.  We STRONGLY believe that when we empower women economically we will have their kids in schools where they can get an education to better their future.

> Q-  Are all bags made in Marrakech ?

> A- We are proud to say YES.

> Q- What are your policies concerning child labor?

> A- We STRONGLY believe that children belong to schools & playgrounds NOT Swet shops.  Our STRICT policy is to make sure that all our staff members are lawfully permitted to work and age appropriate (Above 18 years of age) in accordance with the United Nations / ILO core Conventions No. 138 & No. 182.

> Q- Do you accept purchase orders?

> A- Yes, We prefer to have a kick-off meeting in person to go over details to the customer satisfaction.  Then we run a sample and have the customer confirm any changes.  After that we proceed with a contract agreement from all parties involved.

> Q- How can I buy M. A. Creation bags?

> A- You are always welcome to stop by.  we'll be more than happy to chat over a cup of Moroccan tea :). or send us an email with a photo from our website including specifications of desired item and will do our best to accommodate you.

> Q- Do you offer custom-made bags?

> A- Yes. But only in volumes.

> Q- How can I make suggestions?

> A- Please do send us an email. We are always open to feedbacks from our clients & visitors.

> Q- When can I purchase online?

> A- We are working on e-commerce site.

           | Tel:  +212 662 13 36 17

103 Rahba kedima (place des épices) Medina, Marrakech, Morocco

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